Take a look at what we will do for you to grow your audience, maintain a closer relationship with it, do it in a sustainable way, and grow in the long term with results in the present.

We develop a plan to grow your audience, whether paid or organic


We start by defining what content you want to spread in the long term, and based on that we define what your target audience will be. Using analytical tools, we determine the maximum audience size you can reach, its different segments, micro-segments, and we establish objectives based on your preferences. So we started working our magic with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase your branding awareness, attract more people to you, and other amazing things.



After thoroughly understanding what your content is, what you want to offer, what your audience is, and how much you want to grow, we can begin to offer you suggestions: design, frequency, content, collaborations, etc. In addition, we can establish a strategy to serve content by other more personal means, and begin to strengthen the relationship with your followers automatically, which will attract more followers while your brand equity is reinforced.

Responding to comments and saying hello is not enough



To establish a really deep relationship with your audience, you have to go beyond the obvious. Technology is here to help you with this, but that does not mean that you have to understand or use it, we take care of that. We help you solve the problem of communicating with your audience through channels such as e-mail in a super personalized and super segmented way, to attract those followers who will be most important to create a solid and loyal audience.

For your audience to last over time, you need to earn money


To get 100% involved with your audience, apart from commitment and all those things that we know from self-help books and articles online, it is necessary that you can generate net profit with this, as a company in the last resort. That is why at PowerUp we help value creators and audiences to offer premium value through digital platforms to generate transactions and be able to make your brand your company.


We will achieve this by studying your audience, analyzing their behavior and interests, and offering just what they need that you can offer them. At PowerUp we specialize in the creation and management of digital academies, which we build with great care to detail and usage monitoring to optimize the user experience, which translates into increased brand authority, audience loyalty, and increased in transactions.


Audience growth

We trust the youngest Influencers to help them grow exponentially and put them where they deserve to be. Whatever you do, here we are going to help you get your accounts off the ground in the fastest, most robust and transparent way in the world. Are you born to be an influencer at scale?

Monetization of passions

We offer you all the necessary tools so that you can make a living from social networks. If you are an influencer with a robust audience, we create the ideal product to monetize your attention and be able to make a living from this. In short, we do this in four steps: We analyze your audience, create digital products, market them, and sell them.

Take off with us


Links with audiences

When a brand is impersonal it can be more difficult to bond with the audience in the first place, and even more difficult to retain and introduce them into your ecosystem. However, with the proper strategy you can literally eat your competition and fight your way. In short, PowerUp can help you get to the top.

Sales campaign optimization

For those entrepreneurs who have already started their own projects, but have been overwhelmed by the vastness and difficulty of conversion optimization of Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, we offer our help to make their project successful.

Creation of digital products

At PowerUp we are specialists in the creation and management of digital products, such as digital academies and online stores, which allow brands, be it clothing, products, or music, to distribute their products to generate sales.

Take the first step to catapult your brand

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